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Havit Slim Cooling Pad For Laptops – Black


Havit Slim Cooling Pad For Laptops – Black

5,000.00 4,350.00

Key Features
  • Speed: 700 – 1000RPM
  • Rated voltage: DC5V
  • Noise level: 32Dba
  • Unique design of fan and heat sink
  • Durable

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Havit Slim Cooling Pad is an ideal computing
accessory which helps to prevent your laptop from overheating in order
to ensure it does not crash. Using this coolingpad can save you a lot of
money from repairs as a result of heat related damage to your laptop.
It has a fan incorporated into its build which helps in dissipating heat
efficiently. It has a silent operation so you can go about your work
without any disturbance. The Havit Slim Cooling Pad is compatible with
any laptop, Ultrabook,netbook or notebook with a size of 17-inches and
below. Without a doubt, it will be a great accessory for your
laptop.Excessive heat can greatly reduce the lifespan of your laptop by
damaging important components hence the need for a cooling pad. The
hardware of a laptop is more at risk of getting damaged through
overheating and in some cases, the battery can also lose efficiency if
it continually gets hot so it is essential to have the Havit Slim
Cooling Pad. It will keep your laptop working properly and for longer.
Additionally, it can be used on any surface as well as on your lap
without you feeling any discomfort. Its portable design makes it ideal
in any workspace both at home and in the office.

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